GSM Door Entry / Gate Entry Systems

The moshi wireless GSM Door/Gate Entry Systems offer stylish and robust GSM door/gate entry phones. The slim and compact Italian design can be either surface or flush mounted and the name buttons are back lit in an elegant blue. The front plate has been designed with an anodised aluminium finish. The moshi system offers visitors a very stylish welcome and first impression.

GSM Door Entry

Key Features

  • 1 or 2 button units with 2 x 7 telephone numbers
  • Remote opening by ringing the system, without the system needing to answer. Therefore free of charge.
  • Remote control by SMS.
  • Opening is accepted from authorised numbers only. The numbers are stored on the SIM card within the unit.
  • Records of phone numbers which have opened the Door/Gate can be kept automatically and sent with dates and times to a pre-programmed number by SMS message.
  • Well designed, self-contained units making them very easy to install. Just save a number to the SIM and connect the power supply.
  • Moshi door entry phones can operate multiple doors, gates, lighting or even over door heating systems
  • Always be able to answer the door even if the premises are unoccupied
  • 7 numbers with a max of 25 digits can be stored on each button. The numbers are dialled progressively when the previous number dialled is busy.
  • 2 inputs for closing contacts (alarm output, sensors outputs etc.) (5V). When input is short circuited a SMS message is sent to a pre-programmed number. Each input has its own number.
  • 2 switchable relays controlled by code during conversation, by ringing or SMS. Relays controlled by SMS – only from authorised numbers saved on the SIM.
    An integrated Li-Ion ACCU battery provides up to 30 hours of operation, if there is a loss of external power. The unit can be programmed to send a SMS when power is lost and the unit is being powered by ACCU only.
  • Integrated heating in the unit to stop freezing and condensation.
  • Parameter settings can be made via a) PC -The PC programming software is Microsoft Windows compatible, b) SMS remotely – from authorised numbers only or c) Mobile phone- with the systems SIM card inserted.
  • The entry phones can be surface of flush mounted
  • Rain hoods available
  • Fitting kits available

Technical Data

  • Operating conditions:
    Temperature -20 to +50°C
    Humidity 0% to 80% at 30°C
  • Dimensions: 208mm x 99mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Power supply 9-24V AC/DC, 500 mA
  • Alimentation max. 24VA power supply
  • ACCU backup battery 1600mAh providing approximately 30 hours of operation.
  • 2 x relay with switching contact
  • Protection rating IP44 (Ingris protection)
  • Caste aluminium surround
  • Backlit buttons


  • 1 GSM channel
  • Bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GSM module: Telit-QUAD GL865
  • Power: 2W
  • SIM card: 3V or 1,8V
  • Antenna: SMA female, 50 Ω impedance
  • Echo cancellation
  • Pin code
  • SMS text message